The Herbfarm

Saturday evening, I went to The Herbfarm for the first time.

I had never heard of this place before, and was completely blown away.  This is not the kind of restaurant I typically go to.  The menu is a list of foods you will be served, not a list of foods to choose from.  This was a nine course meal, served over about four hours.

The food is all local, the herbs come from a nearby farm.  On the tour before the meal, samples of the herbs which were used in the meal were given out to smell or taste.  My favorite was the lemon geranium, I’d had no idea that geraniums were edible!  Best quote of the tour, “At The Herbfarm, we control our weeds by eating them.”  They use two potbelly pigs named Basil and Borage as their trash compactors.  Cutest compactors ever 🙂

Nine courses sounds like a lot of food, but most of the courses were just a bite.  One of my favorite dishes was steel head trout served in an Asian soup spoon.

I tried beef tartare for the first time.  There were apparently some raw egg concerns, so they made a fake egg yolk that tasted like mustard to have with it, instead.  I sampled it before and after the mustard egg, and liked it better without.  The tartare was wonderful, I really enjoyed it.  I was happy that this was one of the larger dishes.

The main course was a trio of local beefs that are apparently of the kobe strain, but raised locally.  They were all wonderful, though very different.  Each piece was a few bites, and a nice amount to keep me from getting overly full.

The food just seemed to keep coming, but at no time did I feel like I had eaten too much.  There was even a small treat given out on the way out the door.  The place is pricy, with impeccable service and wonderful food.  I think it was well worth a treat once a year or so.


~ by Liz on April 6, 2009.

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