What IS That Smell?

I was standing in the kitchen the other day, bustling around while I baked a pizza.  As I wander near the stove, I smell something odd.  It’s a gas stove, so my first thought was that the pilot light was out.  But, wait, there is no pilot light, it’s the kind that lights on demand.  Confused, I call over my landlady from where she is eating at the table, and ask if she smells gas.

She giggles.  This is funny?  Her mouth full, she covers it and says, “I’m eating durian.”

“You’re eating DURIAN???” I demanded.  She giggles again and nods.  “Can I try some?”

For those not aware of it, durian is probably the stinkiest fruits in existance.  I was aware of it, but had never experienced it before.  It is often outlawed in hotels and airports in regions where it grows, because the smell is so offensive to many people.

Durian looks like and has the texture of creamy butter.  The flavor is mild and sweet, and much more pleasant than I expected.  I didn’t like it enough for the smell to be worth it to me, but I did like it.

The smell is reminiscent to the odor they add to gas so that you know if there is a leak, but isn’t quite the same.  I may not have made the association if I weren’t in a house with a gas stove, but there is definitely sulfur in the scent.  I did not think the smell was bad enough for the reputation that it has, but since then have changed my mind.  It lingers, and seems to become worse as it does so.

Another experience to check off my list, but probably not something that I will see out again.


~ by Liz on February 20, 2009.

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