A Troublesome Side Effect

I was very careful about the water when I went to Buenos Aires.  I always hear about people going to Latin America and getting sick, so I stuck to bottled and generally avoided ice.  After a while, I became lax on the ice thing – it was hot – and never had any issues.  The whole time I was in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, I never had a single stomach issue.

Now I’m back in the US, and the food is making me sick.  The only time I have not had an issue was when I or someone else made something from scratch.  It’s not the water, it’s the food.  I drink water all day long, then only feel bad about two hours after I eat.  I just ate a restaurant salad for lunch, and now I feel terrible.  From a salad?  What have we done to our food?


~ by Liz on January 22, 2009.

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