Home Again

My time in Buenos Aires for this trip has come to a close.  This is the longest vacation/trip that I’ve ever been on, and I had a really great time.  I got to dance a lot, met some great people, and went to a country I knew barely anything about (that would be Uruguay, not Argentina).

I had some very nice goodbyes from friends in Buenos Aires, and some very nice welcomes from friends back home.  Things didn’t change much in the month I was away, though everyone has stories of their time trapped at home when it snowed for a week.  Well, one thing changed.  My car now has some damage that needs to be repaired.

I learned a lot from this trip.  I learned how to get around Buenos Aires using the Subté (and sometimes, a map).  I learned that it’s best to break off on one’s own often while traveling with a friend.  I learned to ignore the mass of homeless people asking for a peso, an important skill in a city with a huge amount of poverty.  I learned to move myself in ways that once seemed impossible, to pull myself upright using the muscles in my feet.  I learned to dance in 8cm heels, and found that I like them better than lower ones.  I learned to find peace, for a while, just watching others dance.  I learned to watch where I step – you never know what might be there.

All in all, a really good trip.  I’m very glad that I went 🙂


~ by Liz on January 20, 2009.

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