Dining in Montevideo

Lunch!My dining experience in Montevideo was admittedly limited by the short amount of time I spent there.  All and all, I found it to be rather hit-or-miss, and was disappointed after all of the wonderful food in Buenos Aires.

The first place I went to, by the beach, was quite good.  I had tapas and ice cream, both of which were very good.  I was impressed by the quality of the food, and expected to find the same everywhere.

For dinner, I went to an outdoor restaruant next to a park.  I was a bit constrained in choices, the sun had set and the guy at the pharmacy told me not to wander more than a couple of blocks by myself – and only in one direction.  The park had a few restaurants around it, a Burger King, a McDonalds, and two outdoor cafes.  I picked one of the cafes 🙂  Their speacialties appeared to be frankfruters and pizza, so I went with a simple cheese pizza.  It was terrible.  The crust tasted like pita bread that had been reheated, there was barely any sauce, and there didn’t seem to be any spices on the pizza at all.  It was even worse than Pagliacci’s.  I put some Tobasco sauce on it, and that helped a bit, but not much.

Back at the hotel, I needed something good to eat to rid myself of the bad pizza memory.  I went down to the bar and ordered a strawberry milkshake, as I really like the ice cream I’ve had in South America.  Oh, wow, it was terrible.  It tasted like strawberry Slim Fast.

The hotel breakfast was just ok.  They had cold meats that were good, but how do you screw up cold meat?  The media lunas tasted like Pilsbury Crescent Rolls.  The orange juice tasted like Tang.  I’ve had worse, but expected better considering the high room rate.

All in all, it was very hit-or-miss, and I was overall disappointed with the food.  The champagne was very cheap and decent, though.


~ by Liz on January 13, 2009.

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