Milonga Hopping

Centro Armeniatangogod and I set up last night for milonga hopping.  This requires a bit of planning beforehand since we are not together, we have to show up and sit separately or no one will dance with us.

First stop was Leonesa (Centro Región Leonesa Humberto 1º 1462 1º piso) .  I show up and pay, then walk through the curtain to the main air conditioned room.  This place is beautiful!  They have pink and gold walls, and a barely varnished wooden floor.  The seating woman greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a, “¿Que tal?”.  This is normal behavior for friends greeting each other, I have never experienced it when walking alone into a milonga.  She gave me a very nice seat right in the middle of the women, in the second row.  I was greeted with smiles from the women around me.

Looking around, I recognized quite a few people from Maipú 444 on Saturday nights.  The room here is bigger, and there were more people in it, so I did not recognize most of the people there.  It is nice to feel like I’m in a familiar environment when I go to a place for the first time, though.

I got several dances, culminating with a really, really nice tanda after most of the crowd left around 1am.  I had taken 3 classes that day, and still was able to dance through a very fast waltz, not sure where that energy came from 🙂

Next stop was meant to be a few blocks down, Lo de Celia at Humberto 1º 1783, but we unfortunately walked there too close together, and were seen by a bunch of dancers outside smoking.  We decided to skip it and move on to the next one.

The studios we’ve been taking lessons in have all been on or just off Callao, so we decided to try Hotel Bauen at Callao 360 pb next.  This was a milonga that we had no information on outside of a webesite pointing us there.  The hotel lobby has a cool spiral staircase leading down to the basement that is ringed with piano keys.  There was also a sign indicating no entry, and we heard no music.  Hmm, strike 2.

Next stop was Centro Armenio at Armenia 1366 in Palermo.  tangogod had been here before, and said it was fun to watch the nuevo dancers, a very showy style of tango.  We were both too tired to attempt something like that at this point, so we walked in together and got a table.  It wasn’t quite what we were expecting.  There were 3-4 good nuevo dancers there, but the floor was very crowded with beginners, some going the wrong way, crashing into each other, and generally having a lot of fun.  Squeals and laughter filled the room, and lots of tourists ringed the floor taking pictures.  This seems like a great place to dance for beginners, I saw lots of couples that appeared to only know a few steps.  I decided to remain not dancing, I had had my foot injured a few days previously, and it looked a bit dangerous out there for an injury.

On the way home, we discovered that we were only about 3 blocks away from Canning, and could have walked back.  Ah, well, live and learn.


~ by Liz on January 3, 2009.

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