Private Lessons

In the US, I had only taken a private lesson with one person, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I got to Buenos Aires.  Of course, every person teaches differently.  This is my experience with the three teachers I have taken private lessons with here.

Andrea Mansilla is a technical instructor.  Aside from tango, her background lies in ballet and pilates, she currently teaches pilates as well.  She has the ability to reshape the way you walk and stand.  She gently molds you into the correct posture to be moving correctly.  She has been a great help to me in basic walking skills.

Anabella Cruz-Heck is a salon instructor.  Aside from tango, her background lies in ballet, contemporary dance, and yoga.  She can teach you to do a variety of steps well that probably seemed too difficult before.  She has helped me a lot in keeping a connection in salon style (open embrace) and keeping my balance in this embrace.

Fernando Lores is an instructor that will help you find your own tango.  He tells you to throw out all the technical information you have learned while you are dancing, and just go with what feels right, what is your tango.  This is a completely new concept to me, and I like it.  My head is so full of rules and concepts that I had neglected to go with feeling, which is what tango is all about.  Fernando is the perfect counterbalance to Andrea.


~ by Liz on December 30, 2008.

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