Bigfoot Tango

Comme il FautFinding women’s tango shoes in large sizes can be difficult.  I wear an 11-11.5 normally, depending on width.  In Buenos Aires sizes, this is a 40-42.  Not all stores carry these kinds of sizes, but I was surprised to find that a number of them do.  The following table is my findings on stores in Buenos Aires for buying large tango shoes.

Cash Discount: Always pay for shoes in Buenos Aires with cash. You will get a 10% or so discount by doing so. Many of these places take USD, and they will give you the proper exchange rate.

Shoe Width: For some reason, lower shoes seem to be wider.

Store Largest Size Phone Number Additional Information
Comme Il Faut 41 This store has a shoe stretcher and hole puncher in-house. They will make sure your shoes fit properly before you pay for them or walk out the door. All of the employees I worked with spoke at least a little English. This shop takes USD.
Neo Tango 38 They said they will not make shoes for me. Not sure if this is because it’s December, or because they don’t do that. No one in the shop spoke English.
Tango Leike 42 They will make shoes to order, it takes 3 weeks. One of the employees spoke English. This shop takes USD.
Victorio 41 Only one person was working in this shop when I visited, and he did not speak English. It seems like they only have available what is on the shelves. They only had one pair available in size 41.

~ by Liz on December 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bigfoot Tango”

  1. Those you wear on the picure are pretty! 🙂 🙂
    I’m trying to order tango sandals size 11-11,5 and the only ones I find at all (!!!!) is a pair of pearly grey Comme il faut, from a webshop called Maleva. Apart from those, danceshoesonline (DSOL) offer shoes up to size 12, even though this is not super high quality. But perhaps you already knew about that?

  2. Yes, I’ve also found some local places, but the shoes aren’t nearly as pretty.

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