Chaos at Canning

I went to Salon Canning tonight.  The place was complete chaos – in a good way.  There were so many people there that they had people standing at the bar, who would sit in vacated chairs when others got up to dance.  Canning was remodeled recently, and is very beautiful with it’s gold/orange walls and studio lighting.

It was too packed to see across the floor, and I had a seat near the back.  Some men were walking around looking for women to dance with, because they couldn’t see them from their chairs.

I had a couple of very nice dances that more than made up for the bad experience I’d had earlier in the evening.  The first person I danced with was about four inches taller than me.  He pulled me up onto the balls of my feet and kept me there, it made me feel very confident and light on my feet.  That was a wonderful dance, even if it was only half a tanda.  In my second dance I found out why my teachers spend so much time on molinetes, it’s about all you have room to do on a really crowded floor.  I got a little dizzy 🙂


~ by Liz on December 22, 2008.

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