Fun at Maipu

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had my first lesson with Andrea Mansilla.  Andrea is a technique teacher, and had me adjust my posture quite a bit.  This, in turn, improved my balance a lot.  She also helped me with connection, something I have been having some trouble with.  I think this first lesson was largely her studying where I need work, and I think she is going to help me to become a much better dancer.

Later in the evening, Andrea, tangogod, and I went to Maipú 444 for their Saturday night milonga.  Wow, this place is great!  They have a small wooden floor ringed with lots of tables.  There were many good dancers.  I only got a couple of dances with an Australian and an American because I am an unknown, but still enjoyed watching the other dancers when I wasn’t dancing.  There was La Chacarera with about six couples dancing, which was really fun to watch.  We got in at about 5:30am, and to bed around 6.  Breakfast at 2pm is a wonderful thing 🙂


~ by Liz on December 21, 2008.

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