The Difference a Day Makes

tangogod and I went back to Ideal today for the Friday milonga.  Oh, my, what a difference!  Instead of a few rows of tables and a small dance floor, there was one row of tables pushed up against the wall, with everyone facing the big dance floor.  There were lots of single people there looking to dance.  The entire atmosphere was different, you could just feel that people were there to have fun.

I got lots of dances, and had a really good time.  Last night, I was there about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and got only one dance offer toward the end.  Today, I was there about two hours, and got 6 or 7 dances out of the 15 or so tandas they played.  I had a really good seat, and most people were using cabeceo, and this made me much more comfortable.

The difference was amazing, it was like two worlds.  Now I understand why people refer to milongas not only by name, but also by night.

So, I recommend Ideal on Fridays, from 3pm to 11pm.  You can pick up a tango map anywhere in the city to help you find it.


~ by Liz on December 19, 2008.

One Response to “The Difference a Day Makes”

  1. You certainly picked up a new fresh life!
    – dance on –

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