To Buenos Aires, I Go

After complaining for years about my lack of ability to travel internationally, I am finally taking a vacation in a foreign country.  I leave Sunday, and will be back in mid-January.  I’ve never taken a vacation this long.  This should be a lot of fun.

Leaving the winter gloom of Seattle for the summer in Argentina will be interesting.  We have had a mild and fairly sunny winter, but it is still going to be a huge change.  I have never been south of the equator before, and look foreward to seeing the southern constillations and experiencing the different seasons.

The food should be fun.  Lots of people in Argentina have Italian heritage, and I guess you can go to special shops and pick up fresh pasta to take home and cook for a few dollars.  The Argentines eat a lot of beef.  They also eat more of the animal than we do in the US.  That should be very interesting, I like trying new things to eat.

The current plan is to take tango lessons daily for the first couple of weeks, then decide from there if I want to continue or not.  I should be a pretty good follow by the end of the trip.  I plan on wearing out my shoes, and picking up some new ones.  I’ve had a tough time finding tango shoes that fit me, so this is a good opportunity to scout out some cobblers that will make me some.

This is the extent of my plans.  I am not going to set up sightseeing plans now, to go see this and that.  A lot of people seem to think I should do that, but I prefer to relax when I’m on vacation, and take up opportunities as they arise.  It’s not like there will be a lack of things to do in this active city, and I would hate to miss out on a great opportunity because my plans are too rigid.


~ by Liz on December 8, 2008.

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