I am the Hulk

Early in the spring, I went shopping for summer clothing. It has only recently been warm enough to wear it, and I had apparently lost track of what had been washed and what had not.

This morning, I put on a pretty, dark jewel green tank top with my tan shorts, and took off to work. When I sit on the bus, I put my backpack on my lap. This keeps me from taking up an additional space when the bus is full. While sitting and listening to a book, I notice that the whites of my nails have turned slightly green. Great, my shirt is starting to bleed.

I get off the bus and go up to the office. As I’m laughing about my nails and slightly tinted shorts, a co-worker points out that I have green on my nose, as well. The color transfer got worse and worse throughout the day. By the time I got home, the insides of both arms were green, along with everything under the shirt, my shorts had large dark splotches on them (from my backpack?), and I’m afraid to touch anything.

Ok, time for a shower šŸ™‚


~ by Liz on July 16, 2008.

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