Portlets, Viewlets, and Configlets

These three terms seem to be constantly tangled in my mind. They are not all normally included in books or documentation. I had trouble figuring out what to call them when asking questions as a new Plone developer.


These are the little boxes to the left and right of the main content. They include the log in box that can appear on each page and the calendar. Browse to @@manage-portlets to see what you have and what you can add.


Viewlets are bits of templates that go inside the main template. They include the logo, the footer, and the main content. Viewlets live inside viewlet managers, which are basically groups of viewlets. So, the logo lives inside the header viewlet manager. Browse to @@manage-viewlets to see the viewlets that are on your site.


Configlets are settings for products. Browse to Site Setup. You will see a grouping of Plone configlets, and a grouping of Add-on product configlets. You can create new configlets to hold the settings for your own settings.


~ by Liz on April 1, 2008.

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